Individual Coaching

“Be the change you want to see in the world!

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, political leader and spiritual guide of India (1869-1948)


Individual coaching allows the beneficiary to find out his own solutions and achieve fulfillment in his professional and personal life.

We have 4 individual coaching offers:

The goal is to secure and optimize the taking-up of new functions:

  • Undertake a new role.
  • Develop self-confidence.
  • Lead in a multicultural team.
  • Secure scope and/or team size changes.
  • Communicate effectively to convince others.
  • Switch from expertise to general management.
  • Identify and implement strategy to achieve stretch objectives.

The goal is to reveal a potential:

  • Lead and maintain a team dynamic.
  • Inspire and be recognized as a leader.
  • Prepare the next step in the organization.
  • Communicate with impact to influence others.
  • Manage hierarchical levels and internal transactions.
  • Develop a specific set of skills and attitude for career growth.
  • Create and maintain alignment of values, strategy and communication.

The goal is to mitigate or fix existing managerial issues:

  • Build a leadership image or rebuild a negative one.
  • Close an existing conflict or prevent one from being created.
  • Manage in a challenging context (social and/or political).
  • Solve delegation issues and/or time management priorities.
  • Improve specific areas identified as part of a feedback assessment.

The goal is to match with personal and professional desires: 

  • Prepare for retirement.
  • Develop and implement a new professional journey.
  • Manage returning from expatriation or extended leave (maternity leave, sick leave, sabbatical year).
  • Define a new project, aligned with personality and desires, consistent with career path and set of skills.

Our differentiation:

Our promise:

We position ourselves as adult-to-adult with the beneficiary, thus creating a non-hierarchical horizontal relationship. We issue neither interpretation nor diagnosis on the subjective reality perceived by the beneficiary. They contact their own resources and take power over themself by becoming responsible and autonomous.

We stress honesty and respect. Our feedback is direct and uncompromising. True to our values, we make fair decisions. Honesty is linked to the notion of sincerity, while integrity is the adherence to principles.

Congruence is the coherence between what we say, what we do and what we feel. Our genuine and honest approach creates a secure atmosphere to encourage effective communication. Congruence helps build a lasting relationship based on mutual trust.

We fully accept our beneficiaries as they are and what they express without judgment. We are not trying to change them or alter their perceptions of things based on our own ideas or personal preferences.

We adopt a positive attitude towards our beneficiaries allowing more efficient change dynamic.

Like a real mirror, we practice active listening which is a communication technique. It consists in questioning, reformulating, and paraphrasing in order to ensure that we have understood the messages of our interlocutors.

Empathy is the recognition and understanding of another individual’s feelings and emotions. While remaining ourselves, we try to comprehend what the beneficiary experiences inside. We seek to enter into their inner world and feelings, trying to see from their point of view. In doing so, we guide them towards a better understanding of themselves.

Non-judgment is an intellectual approach and a benevolent attitude allowing the beneficiary to express themselves freely without the expression of opinions formed on our personal values.

We guarantee the anonymity of the people who consult us and strict respect for their confidentiality. The information exchanged is in no way transferable to any third party.

Individual coaching description:

  • A coaching process has a duration of 6 to 12 months.
  • A coaching session has a duration of 1h30.
  • Coaching consists of 8 to 10 sessions.
  • Sessions are undertaken every 15 to 30 days.
  • Sessions are led by coaches certified by HEC who are regularly supervised.
  • As desired, sessions can be a mix of face-to-face, done in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier or Avignon, and remotely using videoconferencing.

Individual coaching process:

  • A first discovery session allows the beneficiary of the coaching and the coach to meet in order to get to know each other better, discuss the coaching objectives and validate whether they can work together.
  • As appropriate, a tripartite meeting at the start of coaching is organized with the coaching prescriber, the beneficiary and the coach to jointly validate the objectives, the expected results.
  • A coaching contract with the objectives and terms of the coaching is signed by the prescriber, the beneficiary and the coach.
  • A commercial contract with pricing, conditions and payments is signed by the prescriber and the coach.
  • On the fifth or sixth coaching session, a mid-term review of the objectives is undertaken to reassess the remaining number of sessions.
  • Finally, a tripartite meeting at the end of the coaching is organized with the prescriber, the beneficiary and the coach to review the objectives, the results achieved, and possible next steps.
  • Individual private coaching process can vary since they will be no prescriber involved.
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